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Wednesday – October 3, 2018: Local Decision 2018 – General Election

Morning Show hosts Suzy Prez and Chris Bessler facilitated interviews with candidates: Ellen Weissman - Democrat for District 1A, and Jim Woodward, Republican for District ! Senate.


October 2, 2018 50th Anniversary National Trails Act, Wild Scenic Rivers Act

Join KRFY Tuesday Morning Show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn as they talk about the 50th Anniversary of both the National Trails Act and the Wild Scenic Rivers Act. Phil and Julie talk with Morning Show guests Brad Smith, North Idaho Director of The Idaho Conservation League, Brad's newest co-worker, Shelby Herber, Community Conservation Associate, and Deb Hunsicker, long distance trail hiker who has completed the Triple crown of long distance trails and canoed extensively. The conversation covers the history and goals of this impactful legislation, what has happened in the years since it was passed and a look toward what it might still accomplish. All of the guests and especially Deb Hunsiker share how the preservation of these trails and waterways has shaped their perspectives on the importance of wild places in our country.


Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018: Bonner County Human Rights Task Force & 100,000 Poets For Change

Morning Show hosts Jim and Jack talked with Brenda Hammond and Sharon McCahon from Bonner County Human Right Task Force about this organization and the upcoming 100,000 Poets For Change.


Wed., September 26, 2018: Local Decision 2018 – District 1 Seat B – Candidates: Stephen Howlett and Sage Dixon

Local Decision 2018 - General Election candidate coverage featuring an interview with Idaho District 1 Seat B candidates: Stephen Howlett and Sage Dixon.


EXTRA Wednesday Morning Interview: Food For Our Children

Suzy Prez visited with Food For Our Children representatives Gaea Swinford and Kris Cantor about this organization and an upcoming food drive scheduled for October 3 - 10 at local food stores.


September 25, 2018 Crosstoberfest and Idaho Fish and Game

Join KRFY Tuesday Morning Show hosts Julie Kallemeyn and Phil Hough as they talk with Charles Mortenson and Wayne Pignolet from team Autism 24/7 about the upcoming Crosstoberfest. Then Idaho Fish and Game representatives Andy Dux, Tom Whalen, and newly minted enforcement officer Morgan Scott encourage listeners to offer input on changes in the State's management plan before October 6th.


Thursday, September 20, 2018: Library and Geezer Forum News

Morning Show hosts Jim Healey and Jack Peterson spoke with Marcy Timblin from the East Bonner County Library and Paul Graves with the Geezer Forum.


Wednesday, September 19: Week Four – WATER IS LIFE

Jean Gerth and Suzy Prez present the final week of WATER IS LIFE which takes a look at the need to protect our watershed featuring interviews with Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper and Tri-State Water Quality Council.


September 18, 2018 Project 7B update

Join KRFY Morning Show hosts Julie Kallemeyn and Phil Hough in a super interview with project 7B representatives Carol Curtis, Daniel Shlaferman and Susan Drumheller. Topics covered include the non-profit's history, mission and goals, finishing with a detailed description of the upcoming listening sessions with Univversity of Utah students that will be here for the weekend as part of a class project.


Sept 13, 2018: Nonprofit Leadership

Director Bob Over of the University of Idaho's Nonprofit Leadership Program and recent student Stephanie Childress, Executive Director of Idaho P-Tech, join Jim and Jack to discuss the upcoming series of classes in the Nonprofit Leadership Program.


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