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July 20, 2017: Author Marilynne Robinson and Reclaim Idaho organizer Luke Mayville

Sandpoint native and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson and Reclaim Idaho co-founder Luke Mayville join hosts Suzy and Chris in a talk about Robinson's experiences growing up here in the 1940s and 50s, her writing, and the effort by Reclaim Idaho to bring back traditional values in education and health care. The interview precedes Marilynne's talk about the value of education at the 7 p.m. Thursday, July 20 Reclaim Idaho launch event at the Panida Theater.


July 18, 2017 Morning Show: Bear Awareness

Join Tuesday Morning show hosts Julie Kallemeyn and Phil Hough for a lively discussion about Bear awareness with Brian Johnson. Brian is a Grizzly Bear Specialist and conservation officer with Idaho Fish and Game. Listen and learn more about the bear population in the panhandle, do's and don'ts in Bear country, and a few stories too.


July 13, 2017: Chasing Thoreau

Jim Payne, author of the new travelogue Chasing Thoreau, joins Jim and Jack to talk about his latest adventure, philosophy, and his history on the water.


July 12, 2017 Morning Show – Kenneth Cloke – Mediators Beyond Borders

Wednesday Morning Show hosts Chris Bessler and Suzy Prez sat down with local author and international mediator, Kenneth Cloke, who talked about his experience in the field of conflict resolution through mediation. Kenneth brings his mediation skills to individuals, corporations and government throughout the world through the group Mediators Beyond Borders.


July 11, 2017 Morning Show with North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation

Join hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn as they talk with Todd Dunfield, Executive Director of the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation (NICTF). Topics include the trail's history, its current route and interesting features, its future and upcoming NICTF events. They finish the show with a short appearance by Mark Sauter, encouraging the public's attendance at the Lake Pend Oreille Alliance meeting July 16th.


July 5, 2017 – Chafe 150 Recap & Sandpoint Area Seniors

Morning Show host Chris and Suzy visited with Chafe 150 Gran Fonda organizers Elana Westphal and Mel Dick who gave a recap of this years Chafe 150 bike ride. A second interview with Ellen Weissman, executive director of Sandpoint Area Seniors.


July 6, 2017: POAC is PO-Back!

Hannah Combs, Arts Administrator of the Pend O'Reille Arts Council, joins Jim and Jack in the studio to talk about the upcoming Arts and Crafts Fair and the ongoing Artwalk.


June 29, 2017: Upcoming Charley Packard Memorial Concert

Karen Bowers, significant other of the late musician Charley Packard, joins Jim and Jack in the studio to announce an upcoming Memorial Concert full of local artists that will occur at Memorial Field during the second week of the Festival at Sandpoint. Dyno Wahl, executive director of the Festival, joins in to talk about how the concert will fit in with the larger festival season.


June 28 – Sandpoint Summerfest Update with John Edwards

Morning Show hosts Chris and Suzy talked with music director, John Edwards about the upcoming Sandpoint Summerfest 2017 - hosted by The Eureka Institute - July 7,8, and 9. The many bands that will be performed were also previewed.


June 27, 2017 Morning show with the Sandpoint Lions Club

Join Morning show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn as they talk with Judy Dabrowski, Lions Club President and Frank Visger, Vice President and 4th of July Chair. Topics include the July 4th Parade and Fireworks, the Toys for Tots program, vision and hearing checks for school kids and more.


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