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November 20, 2018 Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education, then Idaho Trails Association

Join KRFY Tuesday Morning show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn for two interviews. First, Dennison Webb, Executive Director and Kara Daniels, Program Coordinator and Field Instructor from Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education (S.O.L.E.) fill us in on their exciting winter schedule. Then we are joined by Tom Dabrowski, President of the Idaho Trails Association to talk about 2018's successes, 2019's service work schedule and the annual membership drive.


November 15, 2018: High school girls basketball coach and a few players – The Unknown Locals

Morning Show hosts Jim Healey and Jack Peterson visited with Sandpoint high school girls basketball coach, Will Love along with a few players, about the sport and the basketball season. A second interview featured participants in The Unknown Locals about their upcoming performance at the Panida.


November 14, 2018: City of Sandpoint officials: Mayor and Administrator

Morning Show hosts Suzy Prez and Chris Bessler sat down with Sandpoint city mayor, Shelby Rongstad and city administrator, Jennifer Stapleton to talk about the status of the downtown street revitalization project. A variety of other city news was also discussed.


November 7, 2018: Election Results and Recap

Morning Show host Chris Bessler reviewed the November 6, General Election with Sandpoint Reader editor, Cameron Rasmusson along with KRFY volunteer Jean Gerth.


November 13, 2018 Let it snow! Panhandle Avalanche Center and Schweitzer Mountain update

Join KRFY Tuesday Morning Show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn with guests Dig Chrismer, Schweitzer Mountain Marketing Manager and Jeff Thompson Executive Director of the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center. It's time to be thinking snow and who better to hear from than these two! Dig tells us about upcoming fun in the snow and Jeff lets us know how to be safe doing it.


October 30, 2018 Halloween fun with the Paranormal Daves and Sandpoint High’s Cryptozoology Club

Join KRFY Tuesday morning show hosts Julie Kallemeyn and Phil Hough in a light hearted interview with Dave Gunter and Dave Hussey, the "pairanormal Daves" including original tunes and original ghost stories of Sandpoint. Adding to the fun is Ketil Lund Anderson, Preisdent of Sandpoint High's Cryptozoology Club with updates and adventures in their tireless effort to meet and know Sasquatch...


November 6, 2018 A Wild Night for Wilderness and one wild woman’s story

Join KRFY Tuesday morning show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn in a rollicking conversation with modern day homesteader, forester, and artist Marilyn McIntyre. Also with us to talk about the upcoming Wild Night for Wilderness event and upcoming programs were Britta MIrely, Deputy Executive Director, Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, and Shelby Herber, new at The idaho Conservation as Community Engagement Assistant.


October 23, 2018 Spokane author Jack Nisbet and his new book, “The Dreamer and the Doctor”

Join KRFY Tuesday Morning show hosts Phil Hough and Julie Kallemeyn in a lively discussion with Spokane based author Jack Nisbet. Jack's recently published book, "The Dreamer and the Doctor" focuses on a local Bonner County couple who homesteaded in the area in the late 1800's. Jack brings this family to life as he recounts some of the many adventures and contributions of John and Carrie Leiburg. If local history interests you, don't miss this one!


Wed., October 31, 2018: Local decision 2018 – Bonner County Commissioner Candidates District 1

Morning Show hosts Chris Bessler and Suzy Prez present Local decision 2018 General Election with candidates for Bonner County Commissioner, District 1 - Steve Johnson and Steven Bradshaw.


Wed. October 24: Local Decision 2018 – Bonner County Commissioner, District 3 candidates – Steve Lockwood and Dan McDonald

Local Decision 2018 - General Election presents this interview with candidates for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3 position: Steve Lockwood and Dan McDonald.


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